Dirty air-set

Lauren Asher

Special editions with sprayed edges!



Noah Slade is a Formula 1 legend in the making. Ruthless on and off the track. And my brother’s new teammate. I want more of the prince who disguises himself as the villain. But while I crave a happy ending, he wants to destroy his.

Maya Alatorre is a forbidden temptation. We’re a ticking time bomb, about one wrong move away from exploding. I want to trip the wire, detonating together in passion and pain. Because in the end, all’s fair in lust and war.



Liam is Formula 1’s golden boy. And someone who promises to fulfill all my naughty bucket list items. I force him behind the safe lines of the friend zone. Instead of accepting our friendship, he strikes a deal. One season. One list. One dirty secret.

Sophie is my greatest fantasy brought to life. And a major threat to my contract renewal. She’s a part of the rival team and someone I should resist at all costs. Yet, I’m captivated by her and the naughty list she created. Screw platonic, I want catastrophic.



Pills. Alcohol. Adrenaline. I’m addicted to destructive decisions that numb my pain. To repair my broken reputation, my team hires Elena. She’s my damnation disguised as my salvation. And my newest addiction.

One season. One job. One broody British racer. Except that Jax turns our hotel room into a battleground. To beat the enemy, I need to find his weaknesses. What I learn threatens to ruin everything. Him. Me. Us.



One mistake destroys my career. My new fake girlfriend is a temporary fix to my biggest problem. But as our game changes, so do my feelings. There’s only one issue stopping me from claiming her. Me.

It all started with a birthday wish, some vodka, and an ancestry kit. That’s how I end up in Italy, finding my long-lost father. I told myself not to fall in love with a liar like Santiago. I should have listened.


Let op, deze set is Engelstalig. De boeken worden ook in het Nederlands uitgegeven, meer informatie daarover volgt.

Dirty Air
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15 februari 2024
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